Ch. Cloverdale Boundn' Determnd "Gina"

Gina was the first Golden Retriever I showed in the breed ring. She is owned by Marcy Deis of Dashwood Golden Retrievers. Gina finished in 12 shows from beginning to end. Thank you to Marcy Deis (owner) and Jane Zimmerman (breeder) for allowing me to show such a beautiful dog as a Novice handler.

Ch. Saquish Just Right "Madeline"

Madeline was purchased from Rachelle and Melanie Porter of Saquish Golden Retrievers. She was owner/breeder handled for half of her points then finished off with handler Brian Still. Madeline is one of the foundation bitches of GingerRun Golden Retrievers. Thank you to Melanie, Rachelle, and Brian for your assistance and advice along the way.

Ch. GingerRun Pride N' Joy Debut "Maya"

Maya was owner handled to her championship from the puppy classes. Her mother was leased from Shirley and Al Gill of Pride N’ Joy Collies in Glasgow, VA. Maya was one of the first champions I finished. Thank you Shirley and Al for your friendship, knowledge, and support throughout the many years!

Ch. Midernoch Gala Fiesta "Fiesta"

Fiesta was bred and owned by Diana MacPherson and Patricia Ridgard of Midernoch Dachshunds. Fiesta was one of the Midernoch dachshunds I was fortunate enough to have in my life. It was through the dachshunds that Pat and Diana gave me the ring experience which a Novice handler needed. Many a days were spent with Pat and Diana either at dog shows or at their kennel learning various aspects related to running a successful show kennel. Thank you Pat and Diana for everything!!

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