Our Philosophy

GingerRun's breeding program focuses on three basic principles.

First, a GingerRun Golden Retriever comes from a lineage cleared of genetic health problems. I do not want to perpetuate health problems in my show dogs, nor do I want my puppies' families to experience the heartache of an unhealthy dog.

Second, I want my dogs' temperaments to be spirited enough for the showing without being too energetic for the average family to live within their home.

Lastly, it is extremely important to me that my dogs fit the highest breed standard. A GingerRun puppy meets the Golden Retriever breed standard both in appearance and in the ability to perform the function for which they were originally bred.

As a result of strict adherence to these three breeding focuses, GingerRun Golden Retrievers are champions!

GingerRun Golden Retrievers

Amy Burnim
Eastford, Connecticut

Email: gingerrungrllc@gmail.com

Phone number: 860-966-6603