How do we put ourselves on your waiting list?

Come meet the parents and place a deposit on the litter. The number of puppies you have to choose from is determined based upon the receipt of deposit. For example, let's say I have a litter of eight puppies and I am keeping two for myself. If you are the first person to give me a deposit you will have first pick of the six remaining puppies. If you are the second person to give me a deposit, then you get you pick your puppy AFTER I take my two and AFTER the first person to give me a deposit chooses their puppy.

At what age can we pick our puppy?

At eight weeks. I intensely watch the puppies between the seventh and eighth week. At the end of the eighth week I will have chosen the puppy or puppies I plan on keeping.

Will my puppy have seen a vet before I take him/her home?

Yes. Your puppy will have had his/her first series of puppy shots, been wormed at least twice, and have a microchip implanted. All my puppies and adult dogs are cared for by David J. Lambert, DVM from Quinebaug Valley Veterinary Hospital in Danielson, CT.

Can I meet the parents of the litter?

Absolutely! In fact, I always want you to meet the dam of the litter and other dogs related to your puppy BEFORE even viewing the puppies. I will always have the mother of the litter for you to meet, but usually will not have the sire of the litter on premise.

Do you provide a health guarantee with your puppies?

No. My general rule of thumb is that I cannot guarantee for you what I cannot guarantee for myself. I do guarantee that when you bring our puppy home, he/she is in good health and has been examined by a vet. I will give you copies of the health clearance (hips, eyes, heart and elbow) for both of the parents of your puppy. I will show you how to research health clearances for our puppy's ancestors, and explain why I chose a particular stud dog for a particular bitch. Once a puppy leaves my care I no longer have control over the environmental factors (weight control of the dog, the food that is fed, exercise, the size of your crate, vet care, etc.) which can potentially have a negative impact on your puppy. It is for this reason that I do not provide an official guarantee; there are too many factors I DO NOT have control over. If for some reason a health problem should arise, I need to be alerted so that I can re-evaluate my breeding program.

How much are your puppies?

The puppies range in price depending upon whether the puppy is a family puppy or a show prospect. Family puppies are $2500, whereas show prospects are sold on a show contract. Show puppies are placed in show homes on an individual basis.

Do you provide a bill of sale?

Yes. The bill of sale states the date you bought the puppy, the parents of the puppy, the amount paid for the puppy, and our signatures.

What is meant by "limited registration" on my AKC registration form?

All of my puppies are sold on a spay/neuter agreement and with a "limited registration". Should you breed your dog without my knowledge, and you attempt to register the litter, your litter application will be denied because your puppy was sold to you on a "limited registration". This means that the litter you produced will not be eligible for registration with the American Kennel Club. However, with a limited registration you can still compete in all AKC sponsored events such as obedience, rally, field trials, lure coursing and agility.

Can you remove my "limited registration"?

Yes. I can contact the AKC and have the registration changed from "limited registration" to a "full registration". However, this is only done on a case-by-case basis. In order for me to change a registration you must show me all four health clearances and proof of an AKC title in any AKC sponsored event. Once this is done we can discuss switching the registration.

What is the difference between a "show puppy" and a "family puppy"?

A puppy labeled as a "family puppy" is not of lesser quality or inferior to a puppy labeled as a "show puppy". The difference between the two is very subtle. For example, a show puppy may have a higher set tail than a family puppy, have a better shoulder layback, or have a more level topline when gaiting. All of the above traits will have absolutely no impact on how a family puppy matures and adjusts to life as a trustworthy and loyal family pet.

What if, for unforeseen circumstances, we can no longer keep the dog we bought from you?

Life happens and not always in predictable ways. If for whatever reason you cannot keep the dog you bought from me, PLEASE BRING THE DOG BACK! I will take the puppy back the day after you take it or twelve years down the road. I NEVER WANT ONE OF MY DOGS IN A SHELTER. AS FAR AS I AM CONCERNED, THE DOGS I BREED WILL ALWAYS HAVE A HOME!

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